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Long Way to Nowhere Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Mechanics
Long Way to Nowhere
Traditional Electronic, Berlin School
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This is an expression of desire to learn the ideas of modern theoretical physics and natural sciences as a whole. This is a view from the side at what is happening with science and human thought. This is a search of something, not simply imperceptible and being beyond understanding, but such that could explain causation of everything. New interpretation of paths followed by the modern physics, redefinition of the universal laws and doubts which are reinforced by the new revolutionary movements in science, lead to thought that all the tangled trails of research, by and large, - just a long way to nowhere.

Artist: Quantum Mechanics
Album: Long Way to Nowhere
Label: USC
Catalog number: USC-WR-1312.0196
Release Year: 2013

Composed by Quantum Mechanics.
All instruments programmed, keyboards and synthesizers played, music written and arranged Alexey Markov.
3D modelling by Ellen Meiselman. Artwork by Anna Riet.

This release is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike.

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Posted by USC on 31 December 2013
Tags: futuristic, traditional electronic, synthesizers, sequences, berlin school